“Climate change is real, it is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species, and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating,”
– Leonardo Di Caprio

A word from our founder:

Target Earth is your charity to help fight Climate change. We strive to undertake measurable action in fighting the Co2 levels in our atmosphere. 100% of your donations will go to our activities to reduce future Co2 emissions and clean Co2 out of the atmosphere. We will make it visible where all the money has went to as well as the results that were gained.

Target Earth strives to be THE leading charity aimed on improving planet Earth and peoples behavior.  As we believe that people and the way we live our lives are the reason we are in this situation in the first place. So don’t expect miracles if you are not willing to change. And the change starts now by contributing all you can miss to us and we will prove that this battle can be won.


What will we do? 

Over time more and more initiatives will arise, depending on donations, but to start we as Target Earth want to initiate 3 concrete focus projects:


Project 1: Innovation

We would like to assemble a group of people with experience in every level needed to create innovations that will help mankind in it’s battle against climate change.

This  group will consist  of scientists in the shape of Biologists, Chemists, Physicist, Meteorologists, Climatologists accompanied by Inventors, (sustainable) Business leaders, talents, young and old, environmentalists and who ever may have a great idea. This group will be united in our Target Earth Research Centre with one assignment: come out that door with at least 5 new ideas that will help to prevent Co2 emissions from rising or decrease Co2 out of the existing atmosphere. Personally, I already have one idea I would like this group to talk about. When there is a product or idea that scientifically contributes, we will start producing this and share it with the world.


Project 2: Bring Data to people, and people may change

This Project is aimed on developing a web based portal freely accessible to all, where for every region, country, city or village or at least earth it should be visible what factual relevant data there is. I am talking temperatures, Co2 levels, average carbon footprint, undertaken actions, f.i. solar paneles etc. And not only real time, but hopefully backdating 50 years and predicting the next 50 years.

Without the factual data and the insights that will show us what is going wrong, it will be ever so hard for individuals to change. The goal of this project is to activate & inform people as well as give enough motivation for them to change their behavior.


Project 3: Meat/Agriculture industry Renovation

Even though at Target Earth we don’t mind eating a nice piece of steak ourselves, facts have shown that cows mainly but the Meat & Agricultural industry as a whole is accountable for a majority of Co2 Emission globally.

Also fresh water consumption of these industries is getting way out of hand, not to forget deforestation including the Amazon, which is disappearing rapidly for the Meat & Agricultural industry.

We at target Earth motivate every individual to eat less meat, which is what we call the Bottom up approach. However, we also believe this approach will take too long and have zero effect without the “Top down Approach”

As Target Earth we would like to have our share in reaching the Top down approach; a global Meat & Agricultural industry agreement, in which is stated exactly how many cows and livestock are allowed to walk on this planet.

Yes, this will mean some industries are going to take a pounding, and yes, prices of meat will go up. This is were we as a foundation warn humanity: change will demand sacrifice, so basically: find a way to deal with it. It is one or the other.


project XYZ:

Depending on fundings we will keep undertaking project that help, just as long until Earth is declared healthy again.

Thank you for you support,

DJ Bipolar. Founder & Chairman Target Earth