Manic Rollercoaster By DJ Bipolar

Imagine a world not far from yours
where you’re running through hallways with only open doors.
Everything is possible, everything to achieve
and it seems you are not crazy, as long as you believe.

The high of aiming for a level so high
is not just a disorder, ambition is why.
Ambition to entertain all around
that is what I call happiness, and that is profound.

Where ‘normal’ people go and visit a park
a park full of excitement, and rollercoasters in the dark
Is where I stay home and focus on the now
My rollercoaster continues always, and I will not bow

This Bipolar and High Sensitive mind is what was given to me
and every day since I know, I grow and see
I see what a fantastic gift this can prove to be
I just hope one day people will look the same at me

Like they did in the first 33 years of my life
This guy didn’t change you know, well ok, no more relationship or wife
I won’t say nothing happened all these years with my Bipolar brain
Actually so much, most of you would probably go insane.

Not this one. I am a survivor
Call me the Bipolar MacGyver.
Riding the rollercoaster all the way
Until it will end. As it will end one day.